Monday, 14 October 2013

Media release: Roskill Community Voice humbled by historic result

"The Roskill Community Voice (RCV) team is humbled by this weekend's election result which has seen RCV win four of six positions on the Puketapapa Local Board. The mandate that we have received from the community is a clear one, and we are honoured that Mt Roskill people have shown confidence in our values and our people", says Julie Fairey, current Local Board member.

"The four RCV members elected; Harry Doig (new), Julie Fairey (incumbent), David Holm (new), and Michael Wood (incumbent), represent a majority on the new Board. This is the first time in around sixty years that a non-C&R group has had a majority in Mt Roskill local government, and is an historic shift", says Michael Wood, current Board member.

"While we are excited by this election outcome, we also regret that some people of quality were not successful. Both Garth Houltham and Shail Kaushal were fine RCV candidates who have shown great commitment to our community. We also acknowledge outgoing C&R members Richard Barter and Peter Muys. In particular, Richard Barter who has been the inaugural Local Board chair, is an outstanding community leader who has contributed enormously to Mt Roskill. We wish them both well", says Julie Fairey.

"In the new term RCV will be focussed on delivering on its core election platform:

  • Winning a Fair Share for Roskill and ending the funding disparity currently faced by our community.
  • Advancing our campaign to Bury the Pylons
  • Looking after our environment and taking serious action to restore our neglected volcanic cones.
  • Acting to reduce the harm caused by liquor and pokies in our community.

"We will also ensure that the Local Board is governed carefully, responsibly, and inclusively. Our approach will be to work collaboratively with all Board members, regardless of political label. We also want to open the Board up more so that the people and groups of Mt Roskill become more engaged in shaping the future of our community", says Michael Wood.

"Once again, we thank local people for delivering this historic result. The Roskill Community Voice team will be working hard for our community from day one", says Julie Fairey.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Election results for 2013 - Puketapapa Local Board

Roskill Community Voice candidates are underlined, elected candidates are in bold.

The results this morning (which include special votes) are:

5095   Richard Barter - Communities & Residents (incumbent)            
5451   Harry Doig - Roskill Community Voice
1832   Peter Eccles - Independent                                                      
6542   Julie Fairey - Roskill Community Voice (incumbent)
5553   David Holm - Roskill Community Voice 
4592   Garth Houltham - Roskill Community Voice 
4970   Shail Kaushal - Roskill Community Voice 
5505   Ella Kumar - Communities & Residents (incumbent)               
4868   Peter Muys - Communities & Residents (incumbent)                
1521   Darren Pigg (no affiliation given)                                              
1615   Joseph Rebello - Conservative                                                
1202   Hari Shankar (no affiliation given)                                            
2110   Paul Sommer - Conservative                                                    
6157   Nigel Turnbull - Communities & Residents (incumbent)      
3833   Matt van Tuinen - Communities & Residents                            
7098   Michael Wood - Roskill Community Voice (incumbent) 
Informal      55
Blank         648

You can read the full results here.

A big big thank you to all our supporters and those who helped out.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Final Campaign Post

There are just 24 hours left to cast your votes in the 2013 Auckland Council elections.

We are urging all local people to make the effort to vote. At this late stage you will need to take your completed voting papers to the Mt Roskill (or any other library) and deposit them in the ballot box before 12noon on Saturday.

The Roskill Community Voice team has thoroughly enjoyed the campaign. We've done everything that we can to engage the local community, focussing on important local issues and running an energetic campaign on the streets of Puketapapa/Mt Roskill.

Our campaign has been focussed on a number of key issues:

1) Winning a Fair Share for Mt Roskill
We say that it is simply unfair that our community receives just 74c of funding from Auckland Council for every $1 spent elsewhere. This legacy of neglect must be turned around and we are the team who will fight for a fair deal.

2) Bury the Pylons
The Pylons that march across our communities and harbour are a blight on our neighbourhoods and Harbour. They would not be accepted in the eastern suburbs and the Waitemata Harbour. We have a responsible plan to underground the pylons and our campaign is building momentum.

3) Looking after our environment and restoring our cones
We are the team who has put real energy into looking after our Foreshore, streams, and maunga over the past term. If re-elected we will have a strong focus on restoring Puketapapa/Mt Roskill and Big King/Te Tatua-a-Riukiuta.

4) Reducing harms in our community
The Roskill Community Voice team has consistently stood up to reduce harms in our community and we will push to reduce the harm caused by pokies and corner liquor stores in our community.

Further to this we are the only team to produce comprehensive policy so that voters have transparency ahead of the election. We've also run high energy local campaigns to engage with local people and involve community in local issues, including Bury the Pylons, A Vision for Three Kings, and Fairness for Wesley.

We have been able to achieve a lot with two RCV members on the Board over the past term and we know that a full RCV Board will have the skills and vision to provide Puketapapa/Mt Roskill with real leadership in the next term if voters give us that mandate.

Stand up for a Fair Share for Mt Roskill: Vote Roskill Community Voice for Puketapapa Local Board and City Vision for Ward Councillors.